Blue Lab partnered with La Bottega, a leading company in the hotel cosmetic amenities industry, as its exclusive sustainability ambassador for the hospitality industry. Hotels worldwide are looking to contribute to the reduction of their environmental impact, therefore through La Bottega’s renowned commitment to a greener and more sustainable approach, properties can focus on the reduction of their environmental impact.

We help hotels become eco-friendly

After decades of experience in the hospitality industry, we've realized the power of hospitality, and the responsibility we have as hoteliers to give back to the community. At present, the travelers are looking for eco-friendly options and green accommodations. Every hotel must recognize this shift in the market, and begin implementing sustainable practices.

BlueLab has developed a series of ecological guidelines that can be tailored to each property, guaranteeing a cleaner, more tenable operation.

1. Sustainable Branding & Design

Ranging from in-room amenities to interior design , to provide all those sustainable design services.

2. Energy Conservation

LED-lights will reduce electricity use, cutting the overall use and spending. It will also cool-down your property, which in turn decreases the use of air conditioning. Solar-energy should also be considered, as it's the most sustainable and easy to purchase/install option in the market.

3. Water Use

Water isn't unlimited—yet we tend to forget. We recommend hotels switch to shower and plumbing systems that control the amount of water flow, as well as sink aerators, and consider water filtration systems that allows guests to refill drinking containers (instead of purchasing disposable plastic bottles).

4. Think Locally

Guests have become more health-conscious over time, prioritizing local, organic, and artisanal food over other options. Stick to seasonal produce and offer more vegetarian/vegan dishes, which have a lower CO2 impact. The leftovers can also be composted, reducing waste management expenses.

5. Reduce and reuse

From bed-linens to in-room cups, bathroom toiletries and disposable cutlery; consider options that aren't wrapped in plastic and containers that can be reused and even repurposed. In the case of towels and bed sheets, it's a great way to cut-back on cleaning expenses, which rack up the energy bills. And when guests are checking out and it's time to tidy the room, make sure your team uses biodegradable and organic supplies that don't affect the environment.