Sea Horse Hotels

BLPS is leading a series of artist-designed "Seahorse Hotels", miniature artificial reef modules, located in Miami’s urban North Biscayne Bay. In a report released by Miami-Dade County, it detailed that nearly all the seagrass in North Biscayne Bay has died in recent years due to chronic pollution. Seahorses and poother marine life are dependent upon seagrass habitat to maintain their populations. Without this natural seagrass, it is important that alternative habitats are available for them to thrive in.

We are not simply deploying premade/turn-key ‘Seahorse Hotels. Although they are effective, to stay true to our mission we are working with local artists who will design creative and interesting ‘Seahorse Hotels’.

A more artistic design will serve the same ecological purpose, while also serving as art in underwater public places.

Emile Stump, seahorse biologist and artist, will oversee design to ensure habitat requirements are met for the seahorses and marine life in Biscayne Bay. BLPS will help coordinate and facilitate the deployment of these ‘Seahorse Hotels’ and help monitor them to document their success.