The Reefline Project

BlueLab Preservation Society and Coral Morphologic partnered in the creation of a series of artist designed artificial coral reefs.

A resolution passed by the City of Miami Beach (Resolution No. 2A003-25203) in April 2003, provides explicit municipal support for the development of artificial reef structures just offshore the beach. The current city administration has put environmental issues at the top of the agenda, providing the momentum needed to accomplish this project in a timely fashion.

Looking to increase awareness around ocean sustainability, our artificial reef project will bring a collective of global artists to design their own version of underwater worlds, universes that will host different corals and marine life. These creative sites will become snorkeling attractions, boosting Miami's ecotourism even further. Each of the sculptural reefs will be made from oolitic limestone, a porous rock ideal for affixing corals that have been grown in Coral Morphologic’s South Pointe Coral Nursery.